This is a common question, and my take is that the answer isn’t one-size-fits-all. It hinges on the dynamics of the real estate market. Essentially, it boils down to whether the buyer has many options and has the choice with attractive housing alternatives apart from the new home on the table. In such a scenario, Buyers wield negotiating leverage and can push for concessions, whether that translates to a lower price or the seller covering some closing costs. Conversely, if the builder finds themselves with numerous alternative offers, indicating high demand for their homes, they hold the upper hand in negotiations, likely leading to a negative response when asked for concessions.

At this current time, builders are giving out really nice concessions that can be applied to either a rate buy down, closing costs, appliance upgrades, etc. I do not foresee the builders offering these concessions for much longer, so if you’re at all interested in purchasing a new construction home, the negotiation power is with the buyer.