This one varies by builder. Most builders offer a 1, 2-5, and 10-year warranty. The one-year warranty is like a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Within that first year, the builder will come back and fix anything that may have been missed during the final walkthrough (examples include paint touch up, lighting fixtures, landscaping, etc.) Keep in mind, building a home is one of the last man-made products and sometimes there are things that are missed and you won’t notice it until 6 months into living in the home.

The 2-5 year warranty covers anything mechanical (think HVAC, appliances, etc.). One tip I will add here is to make sure to register your appliances and anything mechanical (HVAC, hot water heater), as the manufacturers of these items often offer an extended 5-year warranty.

The 10-year warranty is anything structural.

Right before the home is completed and we have our final walk, you will meet the builder’s warranty representative. Sometimes these warranty reps are part of the company and sometimes they are a 3rd party company.

One more tip is to schedule a 3rd party inspector to come check out the house about 10 months after you close before your 1-year warranty is up to make sure all items of concern are brought up to the builder.