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So, I live with my parents… A tale of multigenerational living

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One of my greatest accomplishments was to be able to move my mom and dad from their home of 40 years in Central Wyoming to live with me and my family here in Denver. One of the main reasons we chose to do this arrangement was simply because of the layout of the home – a Lennar NextGen home in Central Park. If you haven’t heard of a NextGen or multigenerational home, basically this means two homes under one roof. There is a main entrance to the home as well as a secondary entrance to a separate space with a bedroom, bathroom, laundry area, kitchen, and living room. 

Pew Research Center published an interesting article stating “According to an analysis of census data from 1971-2021, the number of people living in multigenerational family households quadrupled during that time period, reaching 59.7 million in March 2021. The share more than doubled as well, to 18% of the U.S. population.”  

There are several reasons multigenerational housing is on the rise in the U.S., from the cost of living to caregiving, and many reasons in between, this trend of multigenerational living does not seem to be slowing down.

These multigenerational homes are fantastic for not only extra family members but could even be used to make you some extra income as this separate space is fantastic to be rented out either long term or even as an Airbnb!

I do have to address the question I always get asked when I tell people I live with my parents… every day isn’t sunshine and roses, but this arrangement has worked out well for us.

Below is a list of all the multigenerational homes and communities I could find in or near the Denver area. These are all brand new construction homes. If you are interested in building your own home, we would absolutely love to help. We have helped hundreds of families across the Denver with new construction homes. Check out THIS video that explains how we help our buyers (*the best part is our services are completely FREE to you!). 

Multigenerational Homes in/near Denver, Colorado

Looking Glass – Parker, Colorado

Chelton (Lennar), 4 bed/3 bath, 2612 sq ft, starting at $740,900

Lennar SuperHome SL, 5 bed/4.5 bath, 3870 sq ft, starting at $875,900

Lennar Superhome, 5 bed/4.5 bath, 4018 sq ft, starting at $910,900

Lennar SuperHome main floor


Sterling Ranch – Littleton, Colorado

Chelton – (Lennar) 4 bed/3.5 bath, 2724 sq Ft, starting at $799,900

Brookside – (Lennar) 5 bed/4 bath, 2951 sq ft, starting at $816,900

Solstice – Littleton, Colorado

The Walton (Shea) 5-8 bedrooms/4.5-7.5 bath, 4400-5789 sq ft, $1,028,490

Shea – The Walton model


Macanta – Castle Rock

SuperHome (Lennar), 5 bed/4. Bath, 3917 sq ft, base price $959,900

Independence – Elizabeth, Colorado

Brookside (Lennar), 5 bed/4 bath 2951 sq ft, base price $641,990

Chelton (Lennar), 4 bed/3 bath, 2612 sq ft, base price $620,990

The Canyons – Castle Pines, Colorado

The Walton (Shea), 5-8 bedrooms 4.5-5.5 bathrooms, 4405-5805 sq ft, $1,149,990

Morgan Hill – Erie, Colorado

NextGen suite

SuperHome – (Lennar) 5 bed/4 bath, 4018 sq ft, $966,300

Barefoot Lakes – Firestone, Colorado

Chelton (Lennar), 4 bed/3.5 bath, 2724 sq ft, $674,000

Orchard Farms – Thornton, Colorado

Brookside (Lennar), 5 bed/4 bath, 2951 sq ft, $754,000

Red Rocks Ranch, Morrison, Colorado

NextGen Suite – Lennar Chelton model

Chelton (Lennar), 4 bed/3 bath, 2612 sq ft, base price $829,900

SuperHome (Lennar), 5 bed/4 bath, 3882 sq ft, base price $1,035,900

Aurora Highlands

Remmington (Bridgewater Homes), 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 5107 sq ft., base price $895,990

Remington Main Floor


Southshore – Aurora, Colorado

Harvard (Century Communities), 5-6 bed, 4.5-5.5 bath, 3548 sq ft, base price $865,990

If you’d like to explore any of these options, I’m happy to chat! You can find my contact info below. I have relationships with builders up and down the front range, out toward the airport, and beyond! I’m happy to track down the latest info, help you stalk your favorite lot, and guide you through the new-build process.

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