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Last-Minute Self-Care Gifts from Stanley Marketplace

Published On: December 19, 2022By

Need some last-minute gift ideas? We polled the 50+ Stanley Marketplace independent business owners about this season’s top shopping/gift giving trends, and overwhelmingly they report that shoppers are looking for gifts that will pamper, specifically using the term “self-care”, which is no surprise following the stress-filled, unpredictable past two holiday seasons.

Knowing it’s the biggest trend in gift-giving, we asked Ally Fredeen, GM at Stanley Marketplace, for some top self-care items she’s seen at the Marketplace that would make great gifts from local, small businesses. Here’s what she told us:

  • More than just cute clothesTRUE women’s holistic boutique to is a place to pick up soothing aromatherapy oils, thoughtful wellness books and organic body oils for self-care indulgences. 
  • Put your skin front and center with the dermaplanes and IS Clinical skincare line at Clementine’s Salon and Skin Care – luxuries that I like to indulge in when I can, and so great to care for your skin in our dry climate. 

  • A bouquet of flowers isn’t just for special occasions – a pretty posy will pick up your mood and when you add a set of Tea Forte + mugs from Poppy & Pine you can gather all three for a relaxing afternoon of self-indulgence. 
  • A hand-curated “Self-Care Joy Box” from Trunk Nouveau: This boutique shop does the work for you, creating gift boxes based on the specific recipient, who will delight in discovering a Harry Styles or Lizzo prayer candle, luxe lotions, a gorgeous journal and a new favorite mug for an afternoon of relaxation ($50 for a $60+ value).
  • Shaving Kits from Zero Market – Take care of yourself AND the environment with these re-usable, refillable shaving kits.
  • For a tasty indulgence, be sure to pick up a few handcrafted truffles or the divine chocolate chip cookies from Miette e Chocolat and pair it with just the right bottle of wine from Mr. B’s.

  • Get those endorphins flowing with a workout – FLY Kickbox’s Feeling Fly class package (5 classes for $75; Kinesis Pilates Starter Package (4 private lessons for $260); or one month of unlimited yoga from Vibe Yoga + Wellness ($119). Don’t miss a massage from Vibe (they offer pre-natal, too!).

  • For a healthy indulgence, don’t miss the Kona Smoothie from Sweet Gold Juice Co. and the Avocado Chicken Sandwich + Charred Mixed Veggies from Chook Charcoal Chicken. Still indulgent, and your body will thank you.

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